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Legislative Day Archive

Theme: Public Safety and Well-Being
Registration: 336 signed in (exhibitors, NYK, pre-registered)
Lunch: 336 registered participants, 17 legislators
Exhibitors: 38
Tribes Represented: 15

Theme: Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Registration: 393 signed in (exhibitors, NYK, pre-registered), 160 no shows
Lunch: 371 registered participants, 4 legislators
Exhibitors: 41
Youth Groups: 14 (77 students and 18 chaperones)
Tribes represented: 14
Note from Tribal Food Summit: Food Insecurity in AZ and on Tribal Land

2016 RESULTS                                                                                                                    
Theme: Public Safety and Substance Abuse Prevention
Registration: 345 signed in; 126 no shows; 75 students, 24 Chaperones, 19 Volunteers
Lunch:  384 registered participants, 27 legislators
Exhibitors: 43 organizations (23 focused on Public Safety and Substance Abuse)
Tribes represented:  15
Signed in for Informational Session:  71

Theme: Health and Wellness
Registration: 286 signed in, 115 no shows, 14 Youth Groups (or 109 students) and 25 Chaperones.
Lunch: 239 registered participants, 32 legislators
Exhibitors: 36 organizations (26 focused on health and wellness)
Tribes represented: 15
Notes from Seminar: Culturally Sensitive Suicide Prevention

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