Office on Tribal Relations

Office on Tribal Relations

Indian Nations and Tribes Legislative Day

Indian Nations and Tribes Legislative Day


The Office on Tribal Relations, in cooperation with representatives from the state's Indian nations, facilitates an Indian Nations and Tribes Legislative Day on Wednesday of the first week of each regular legislative session.

In accordance with A.R.S. § 41-2053(A), the Office plans and prepares the legislative day with the president of the senate, the speaker of the house of representatives and legislators who are native American. The senate shall host the legislative day in odd-numbered years and the house of representatives shall host the legislative day in even-numbered years. The hosting chamber shall hold a joint session of the legislature.The office shall invite the legislature and other elected officials to pay tribute to the history and culture of the American Indian peoples and their contributions to the prosperity and cultural diversity of the United States.The office shall schedule activities and discussions between state and Indian nations and tribal leaders on issues in which the state and Indian nations and tribes share a common interest or jurisdiction.

(B) Indian nations and tribes legislative day is not a legal holiday. 

25th Annual Indian Nations and Tribes Legislative Day is scheduled for January 15, 2020. 

As sovereign nations, Tribal Nations and Communities are relevant and major contributors to local economies and share a unique government-to-government relationship with the State of Arizona and the United States federal government. We hope that you take the opportunity to learn from tribal and state officials during this important event.


REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. On-site registration is NOT available on the day of the event. 



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Registration: (358) Guests
Lunch: (455) Registered Participants, (20) Legislators
Participating Organizations: (51)
Total Tribal Leadership: (35) 
Native Youth Know: (141) Participants
Tribal Youth Leadership Organizations: (10)
Information Session (A): Best Practices in Historical Preservation: (12) Attendees
Information Session (B): Missing and Exploited Women: (50) Attendees

Theme: Public Safety and Well-Being
Registration: 336 signed in (exhibitors, NYK, pre-registered)
Lunch: 336 registered participants, 17 legislators
Exhibitors: 38
Tribes Represented: 15

Theme: Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Registration: 393 signed in (exhibitors, NYK, pre-registered), 160 no shows
Lunch: 371 registered participants, 4 legislators
Exhibitors: 41
Youth Groups: 14 (77 students and 18 chaperones)
Tribes represented: 14
Note from Tribal Food Summit: Food Insecurity in AZ and on Tribal Land

Theme: Public Safety and Substance Abuse Prevention
Registration: 345 signed in; 126 no shows; 75 students, 24 Chaperones, 19 Volunteers
Lunch:  384 registered participants, 27 legislators
Exhibitors: 43 organizations (23 focused on Public Safety and Substance Abuse)
Tribes represented:  15
Signed in for Informational Session:  71

Theme: Health and Wellness
Registration: 286 signed in, 115 no shows, 14 Youth Groups (or 109 students) and 25 Chaperones.
Lunch: 239 registered participants, 32 legislators
Exhibitors: 36 organizations (26 focused on health and wellness)
Tribes represented: 15
Notes from Seminar: Culturally Sensitive Suicide Prevention


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